Company History

The Farm Mutual Insurance Company of Lincoln County South Dakota dates back to 1883. In the Company home office is a framed certificate signed by George H. Hand, Secretary of Dakota Territory. This was six years before South Dakota became a state, in 1889.

Many things have changed since those early years. Company records indicate that the total claims paid during the 5 year period of 1890 to 1895 were $577.50 and in 1895 the Company had reserves of $420.04!

The Company was started by several of the same people that were involved in the formation and early operation of Lincoln County. The Company’s home office was actually in the Lincoln County Courthouse until 1969.

Up until the early 1980’s the Company wrote a five-year prepaid policy that provided coverage for only fire perils. Today’s policies provide much broader coverage and can be packaged to include coverage for fire, wind, liability and many other perils.

For more than 100 years the Company sold their policies exclusively through the agent housed in the home office. Today we have agents in over 25 different locations in South Dakota.

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