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Number Description Revision
SDFM-1 Farm Owners Policy Provisions Jan 19
SDFM-2 Replacement Cost to Coverage “A” Nov 02
SDFM-3 Replacement Cost to Coverage “C” Sept 04
SDFM-4 Modified Replacement Cost to Coverage “A” Sept 04
SDFM-5 Water or Sewer Back-Up Sept 04
SDFM-6 Added Perils for Refrigerated Foods Sept 04
SDFM-7 Special Package of Coverages Jan 13
SDFM-10 ACV on Roof Surfaces Jan 02
SDFM-13 Shingle Exclusion Oct 02
SDFM-14 Siding Exclusion Jan 02
SDFM-16 Deferred Loss Payment Jan 02
SDFM-17 Appurtenant Structures Exlusion Oct 02
SDFM-18 Total Loss Nov 02
SDFM-19 Debris Removal Sept 04
SDFM-20 Foreign Objects Coverage Sept 04
SDFM-34 Sheep Endorsement Oct 05
SDFM-37 ACV on Siding Nov 06
SDFM-39 Restricted Roof Coverage Jan 14
SDFM-100 Home Owners Policy Provisions Jan 19
FMI-141 Scheduled Personal Property Coverage Jul 19
FMI 7001 Privacy Notice Jul 19
SDFM-PJ Policy Jacket May 19
HG 4900 Equipment Breakdown Dwelling Jan 18
HG 4905 Equipment Breakdown Dwelling Rejection Aug 11
RC 4901 Equipment Breakdown Farm Jul 14
RC 4903 Equipment Breakdown Loss of Earnings Jul 14
RC 4905 Equipment Breakdown Farm Rejection Aug 11
RC 660915 Equipment Breakdown Special Provisions Jul 14

Please refer to the Grinnell website for all liability forms.

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